Internet has made tremendous changes in our lives.  What sounded like ‘impossible’ and ‘unimaginable’ a few decades back seem to be practical and common in our everyday lives.  A person without the need to step out of his home can perform all of his daily activities and lead a happy life.  He can earn livelihood without stepping out of his house through internet.  He can purchase groceries online from the nearest departmental store and have them delivered to his house address or he also has the choice of ordering readymade food.  He can watch movies sitting at home.  He can have a video chat with his friends located in a different part of the world altogether.  All the above at the comfort of home.  As if to prove that such a lifestyle is possible and practical, we can find large section of people every now and then who are leading such lifestyle.
Now most of us are already aware of the traditional selling where we go to a departmental store, browse through the products, pick the ones that suit our needs, reach the counter and pay money to own the products.  However, with the advent of internet, large section of the world population is bidding goodbye to traditional shopping and they are stepping towards online shopping. Also, called as e-commerce a shorter name for electronic commerce, online shopping is nothing but purchase of goods with the help of internet.  An individual is not required to visit a departmental or for that matter any physical store to make a purchase.  He/she can access the website of the vendor, review or browse through the virtual product catalogue, select the items that he intends to buy, add them to the cart, pay the bill and checkout.  The items would get delivered to his address of preference within 2-3 days.  This way of online shopping not only saves money but also great deal of time and energy

A picture speaks a thousand words

The first and foremost thing that one needs to keep in mind while selling anything online is the visual factor. Customer is deprived of the look and feel of the actual product when it comes to online sale. Buyers need to fill this gap. So, how do buyers fill this gap? It is a simple task. They need to take pictures of the medical equipment with the help of a high resolution camera that can capture even the minutest detail of the equipment. Hiring a professional photographer or buying high resolution product images online is a good alternate. The images of 2000 Siemens .2T MAGNETOM Concerto placed on Medventura, a unique platform to buy, bid and sell medical equipment is an excellent example for this. The image of the product is not only clearly visible but also gives enough details of the product.
Product Details:
Another important factor is being proactive in providing all the product related information.  Products, especially in the medical field can have various details.  For example, take the case of Ultrasound transducer.  There could be many different types of ultrasound transducers such as linear, sector and convex.  They could also differ in their construction based on piezoelectric crystal arrangement, aperture and operating frequency.  Hence, the image of the product needs to be backed up with more than sufficient details.  Consumer or buyer should not be kept in a situation where he needs to come back to us asking for information.  Making him come back will not only decrease his interest in buying the product but there is a high probability of him not buying the product at all.
Finally, once the product is listed with image and description, leave your contact details and make yourself available to receive any enquiries from prospective buyers. Talk to the buyers patiently and answer all their queries.  Keeping an open communication channel will not only help the buyers clear all their queries but may lead to an actual sale within no time.